Here's what Mike Faley is up to

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Studio Faley

A private creative product incubator. Bringing meaningful, strange and awesome things to the people of Earth.


Big Spaceship

Leading global brand strategy for YouTube, including creating content for the largest brand following of any brand on the planet. 

Vice Media

Created and directed brand strategy for spirits, auto, financial, and CPG. Relaunched a tequila brand. Got lost in Guadalajara. 

Carrot Creative - a Vice Company

Strategy roster included Ferrari, Dove Men, Good Humor, Breyers ice cream, OnePlus, GrubHub. Lead strategy for new business ventures in excess of 10mm in billings.

Cultivated Wit

Start-up full of funny people with beards who have worked for The Onion, written best-selling humor books, created television shows, and tasted all sorts of whiskey. I lend them my brain with marketing strategy, my words with blog posts, and my beard by just having a beard.


An advertising agency with a focus on social and technology. I used to work there. While at MRY, I was a senior analyst with a client roster that includes Visa, National Grid, BlackBerry, Volvo, and Jagermeister.

How To Be Black

I developed social strategy for this "coming of blackness" memoir of Baratunde Thurston. HTBB, a satirical look at race in America post-Obama but pre-the-next-black-president, went on to become a NYT Best Seller and is the first book to be written by a black man, marketed by a team of white people, and sold exclusively to Hispanics. Most of that last sentence is false.